Legacy (2010)

About Legacy – in step with Kathak

A Classical dance form of northern India, Kathak literally means ‘to tell a story’ and is derived from the dance-dramas of ancient India. Students of Kathanauki School of Dance and I will encompass the journey of Kathak from its early form as a devotional expression dedicated to the Hindu Gods that gradually moved out of the temples to the courts of the rulers. We will also portray how the emphasis of the dance shifted from the telling of religious s tories to one of entertainment to an abstract exploration of rhythm and movement. Thus voyage with time in the Indian Heritage cruise to explore Kathak.

My objective is to portray the diverse Indian Traditional rituals and aesthetic values among the residents of Cincinnati and the tristate area. More important the study of Kathak gives students a sense of self and community in today’s fast-paced society. On a more esthetic Level, the Kathak delves beyond character interpretation to explore the inner world of imagination and creativity which will help the younger generation to explore their true potential and love for the art.

This is just the foundation to fulfill my dream in developing this form of dance further in order to contribute towards making this special art of communication rather easily accessible to the world, at large.

-Rossana Bandyopadhyay

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