Luminary (2019)

Luminary – Ragas interpreted through Kathak   Ragas, in Indian, form the basis or foundation of its music. Each raga is dedicated to a specific time or season of the day or year. Each has its own set of emotions which our music brings to life. Again, each raga conveys different sub-emotions through its span from morning till night. […]

Uferlos (2016)

Uferlos – Poetry of Sight Kathak has been my existence and identity. To Kathak I have devoted my soul. Even after spending years together it still manages to surprise & allure me. Apart from Kathak another art form that fascinates me is poetry. It has always intrigued me – Its uniqueness & its mystery. On […]

She (2013)

She – a Portrait through Kathak International Women’s Day is a day for unison of all women all over the world to celebrate their struggle against inequality, injustice & oppression. It is a day to reinforce the everlasting conflict between women & the veiled prejudices of the society. On this special day, students of”Kathanauki School of Dance” and […]

Legacy (2010)

About Legacy – in step with Kathak A Classical dance form of northern India, Kathak literally means ‘to tell a story’ and is derived from the dance-dramas of ancient India. Students of Kathanauki School of Dance and I will encompass the journey of Kathak from its early form as a devotional expression dedicated to the Hindu Gods that […]